28 11 2012

“The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are bold as a lion.” – Proverbs 28:1

Do you think of yourself as bold? For most of us, bold isn’t the first descriptive word that comes to our minds when we are asked to describe ourselves. We tend to have a love-hate relationship with boldness. We like the idea of being bold – of standing up and standing firm for Jesus, of calling others to the cross, and of being willing to risk ridicule and resistance for His name. The visions I have of being bold for Jesus often collide head-on with the reality of my silence, fear, and desire just to blend in. I hesitate when I should speak up. I nod politely when I should walk away. I whisper when I should shout. I look around and hope that someone else will stand up and say the right thing.

Looking up the word bold in the dictionary highlights the definitions that we expect to find – fearlessness, daring, and courage. However, a glance down the list of meanings brings to light another definition. “Bold – clear and distinct to the eye, conspicuous.” Perhaps the greatest boldness is not found in a single action, but in a lifestyle that consistently reflects the light of Jesus in a dark world. We are bold when those around us can clearly see that we belong to Christ. Our faith makes us distinctive as we strive to live out His nature and character in our families, at work, and among our neighbors. Looking like Jesus makes us conspicuous. Grace empowers us to be bold as we walk in His steps and imitate His example.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be bold. God doesn’t want me to live a blend-in, blurry life. It takes boldness and determination to look like Jesus. I want His character to be stamped clearly on my heart. I long for His image to be distinct in my words, actions, choices, and relationships. Being bold isn’t about grand gestures. It is about exhibiting the courage required to look like Jesus with my neighbor, at my job, in my house, and at the grocery store. In those ordinary, regular moments, I want boldness to make its mark. I want to leave the people I meet with a clear and distinct impression of Jesus.



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28 11 2012
Mary Moudy

Casandra, I really wanted this on FB but haven’t been able to find a place to share it. Help!


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