Close to Dad

5 09 2012

I smiled as I heard the story. A child’s simple actions are often the gateway into deeper faith.

Our friends were visiting a different congregation. Dad is a preacher, and he had been invited to come and share a lesson about Jesus with the Christians there. His little son eyed the auditorium full of people, and asked his mom if he could go up to the front and sit with his dad. Mom gave him permission, and he hurried up to the pew where his dad waited to extend an invitation to become more like Jesus.

The little boy snuggled in next to his dad. The bigness of the crowd was tamed by the big arms of his father. When dad stood up to talk about Jesus, the little boy knew exactly where he needed to be. He got up and stood next to dad. He wasn’t content to watch from a distance. He planted himself by his father’s side. I wish I could have seen it. The picture of a son standing next to a father is the best invitation into the heart of God.

I love this little boy’s actions. He didn’t let the crowd intimidate him or keep him away from his father’s side. In order to face the moment, he knew where he needed to stand – close to dad. Any other place wouldn’t do. He didn’t try to handle it on his own. He didn’t make excuses, worry about what others would think, or shy away from expressing his need. He refused to settle for anything less than the presence of his father. And in his actions, he challenges me to move in closer myself.

My Jesus Resolution today is to stand close to my Father. Too often, I think that I should be “big enough” to handle it by myself. I let the world tell me that distance equals maturity, independence is a good goal, or that there is some benefit in holding back. Sometimes I let the crowd convince me to wait and watch from afar. Today God opens His arms and reminds me that there is always room for me by His side. It is time to get up and move closer.



2 responses

5 09 2012
Donna Ervi

Oh, Cassandra. This was such a good reminder at a difficult time for me when all I can do is stand by my Father and hold His hand. I enjoy your postings so much and than you and our Father for them.
With much love.

9 09 2012

I’ve hestitated until today to even open this one and read it because of the title. Not because of my Heavenly Father, but I immediately equated the title to my earthly father. What changed my mind, I do not know. Yes I do, the Holy Spirit. Thank you for the reminder of always drawing nearer even if everything and everyone around you doesn’t understand your unquenchable desire to be closer to the only Father who will protect, love, and stand by you in everything.

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