Labor Day

3 09 2012

Today is Labor Day. It is a day in America where we honor the workforce in our country by taking a day off and not going to work.

Our jobs provide us with a unique privilege. They are the places that offer us the chance to use our skills and talents to benefit others, while providing for our families. The way that we walk through our workdays matters. Here are ten ways to open the door for Jesus to impact where you work.

1. Set your mind on things above as you head into the office. Turn off the radio and let His voice and His words jumpstart your thoughts and direction as you start your day.

2. Look at your shoes for a minute as you step into your workplace. Let 1 John 2:6 determine the way you walk through your day.

3. Smile. Joy is always a choice.

4. Let integrity shine through every action and choice you make today.

5. Pray for each person you encounter today.

6. Listen. Really listen.

7. Watch for God moments in your day. He is in your office. Keep your eyes open.

8. Worship before you worry.

9. Be willing to go the second mile.

10. Work to please God first.

My Jesus Resolution today is to make Colossians 3:23 come alive in my workplace. Sometimes people are difficult, deadlines are pressing, situations are sticky, and stress is the only thing that is in full supply. Each day I have an opportunity to walk with God into my workplace. His wisdom can guide my steps. His character can shape my choices. His power can infuse my actions. His grace can transform my perspective. Choosing to look like Jesus at work means God gets to shine through everything I do.



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