30 07 2012

You don’t have to be a crime buff to know what evidence is. Evidence is proof that someone has been there, that movement has occurred, that things are different, and that moment has been redefined. Evidence is the trail of clues that point to the truth that something has happened that gives tomorrow a different flavor than today.

“When he arrived and saw the evidence of the grace of God, he was glad and encouraged them all to remain true to the Lord with all their hearts.” – Acts 11:23

At the request of the church in Jerusalem, Barnabas travels to Antioch. He arrives in the city and sees the evidence of the grace of God written large upon the hearts of the Christians there. So powerful was grace’s trail through their lives that Barnabas’ heart filled with joy.

What does that kind of evidence look like? Can others see evidence of God’s grace spread thick across my life?

Crime shows have trained us to expect the most microscopic clues to reveal the truth. But God doesn’t want the evidence of His presence in our lives to be hidden, small, or unobservable. He longs for His grace to be written so large across our lives that others can tell in an instant that Jesus walks in our words, actions, motives, choices, and relationships.

My Jesus Resolution today is to examine the evidence of His grace in my life. Evidence demands a verdict. It requires those who see it to make a determination about its source, cause, and consequence. I am God’s evidence. Every day, my life should testify to the stunning grace of the cross, the unequaled power of the resurrection, and the intimate pursuit of a Savior who longs to draw me close to His heart. Is the evidence of His gracious presence visible enough to help someone reach a verdict for Jesus?



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