Flexible Ears

27 07 2012

Little boys are the greatest. Sitting at dinner the other night, this little guy engaged in the conversation around him while investigating all the things that boys need to pay attention to – counting the number of times someone said a specific word, noticing the way hair grows from another’s body parts, and exploring the way his ears fold around his head.

“I love having flexible ears,” he said with delight.

In the middle of a giggle, I saw the profound wisdom in his words. We all need flexible ears – ears that are ready, willing, open, and expecting to hear to the voice of God.

Flexible ears help our spirits be responsive.

Flexible ears showcase hearts that are ready to be shaped.

Flexible ears help our eyes to be open.

Flexible ears encourage us to extend our hands to the needy.

Flexible ears fix our attention and ignite our anticipation of His presence.

Flexible ears help us slow down and settle into sacred stillness.

My Jesus Resolution today is to have flexible ears. Too often, I get set in my own ways, thinking I already know the answers, have already absorbed the wisdom, or am above this particular lesson. Flexible ears encourage me to listen anew every time God’s Word is opened. His voice has the power to reach deep inside me and touch the core of who I am. When my ears are flexible, it gives Him greater access to my heart.



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