Flag Day

13 06 2012

Tomorrow is Flag Day. On June 14, 1777, the Second Continental Congress adopted the flag made by Betsy Ross as the official flag of the United States of America. On that day, the flag only had thirteen stars and the country was a new dream. Today, we fly a flag with fifty stars and stand in a nation whose freedom shines as a light around the world. Flag Day is a day to celebrate the flag and all that it represents as a symbol of our nation and its ideals.

While as Americans we honor the flag that defines our nation, God’s people can celebrate the banner that marks us as citizens of the kingdom of heaven. The banner is not a piece of cloth, an ensign, or a particular set of colors. The banner that marks the presence of the kingdom of God is God Himself. In Exodus 17:15, Moses tells the people that “The LORD is My Banner.” He is the standard of our lives, our victory in battle, and the focus of our hearts.

The Song of Solomon 2:4 gives a picture of what our banner looks like. “And his banner over me was love.” The multi-faceted beauty of God’s love is the banner that flies over our hearts. It marks His presence, announces His claim over our souls, and declares the sovereignty of His rule in our lives.

My Jesus Resolution today is to stand proudly under my flag. I want the world to know where I belong. I want to honor the presence of God in my life. I want to display the fullness of God’s love in the way I walk in my day. Like other flags, the banner that flies over my life defines where I live, how I live, and the privileges and responsibilities of citizenship. Unlike other flags, our banner is no mere symbol. God Himself is my banner, and that is something to celebrate.



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