The Throne

11 06 2012

When you think of a throne, what comes to mind? Do you imagine sparkling jewels, glittering gold, and regal royalty? Thrones are places of stability, sovereignty, and strength. They are built to highlight the majesty of the king, and to let the world know that here sits a ruler worthy of our attention and loyalty.

Psalm 22:3 paints a dramatic picture of a throne. “Yet you are holy, enthroned on the praises of Israel.” Close your eyes and capture the importance of these words. Our praise creates a throne for the Holy One. Our worship builds a structure in which He chooses to dwell. He inhabits the praises of His people, lives within its adoration, and makes His home in the hearts that call on His name.

I will be honest. This verse caused me to stop and take a hard look at myself. If God is enthroned on my praises, what kind of throne is it? Is it one rich with gratitude, framed with surrender, strong in joy, and infused with humble wonder? Have I offered God a throne worthy of His majesty or something thrown together with leftovers? How many times have I offered Him songs sung by rote, prayers lifted without focus, and scripture heard without surrender? Too many times, I am ashamed to say.

My Jesus Resolution today is to build a throne. God doesn’t need my praises to be King. I need to praise Him, build a throne for His majesty, so that He can reign over every part of my life. The more I invest in the praises I offer Him, the more access I give Him to my heart, the more I allow Him to establish His rule in my character, and the more I open myself up to His transformation. The way I worship declares to the world the place the Savior holds in my life.



One response

10 08 2012

This is beautiful when we realize what are praises do for Him and how it blesses His heart we perhaps will lift more songs to Him. It has been through songs He has been able to reach areas in me that words could not and I pray as others come to understand the gift of music combined with His Spirit can touch the wounded soul and set the captive free and in such the Father has peace. We don’t often think of God desiring peace but just as we humanly struggle with our children when hurting how much more must Our Father in Heaven feel when His child is lost or confused. I have learned perfect pure love is not untouched by suffering if nothing else it is touched deeper. So I continue to ask Our Heavenly Father to perfect His love in me and live those areas in me that create others not to see Him as He truly is in Jesus name I ask. Amen

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