God Is Nowhere

30 05 2012

She handed me a piece of paper, and began telling me a story about her mother. Tears filled her eyes as she remembered the beautiful woman who continues to touch her even today. With a smile, she told me about receiving her mother’s Bible after her death. A special treasure and reminder of the faith she had so actively seen displayed in her mother’s life.

She choked up a bit as she pointed to the piece of paper. One day, many months after her mother’s passing, she was looking through the Bible and a small orange slip of paper fell out from between the pages. She had never seen it before. Her heart broke as she read the words –


She couldn’t imagine what had led her mother to write these words and tuck them into her Bible. She stared at the paper, and in a moment of understanding, the meaning of her mother’s words became clear.

There are two ways to read these words – God is nowhere, or God is now here. It is all a matter of focus, of what we choose to see, of how we let God guide our eyes. That little orange sheet of paper was a reminder that our perspective makes all the difference.

My Jesus Resolution today is walk with open eyes. GOD IS NOW HERE! He is waiting for me to notice. Longing for me to see. Too many times, I go through my days with the blinders of busyness on and miss Him. I get frustrated, worried, or distracted and fail to see what should be obvious and plain to a heart that is seeking His face. Perspective is a product of priorities and practice. Today I am going to let His presence fill my vision, and live with the reminder that everyday my perspective needs to be fine-tuned by His grace.



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