Memorial Day

28 05 2012

Today is Memorial Day. It is a day to remember – to allow sacrifice, love, devotion, loyalty, selflessness, and honor deeply impact your heart. It is a day to be thankful, to be humbled, and to let quiet tribute fly in the sky and in our imaginations.

Somewhere today a soldier is walking a perimeter. His eyes scan the horizon, senses alert to the movement of the enemy. With each step, he makes the daily decision to stand in the gap, allowing freedom room to grow and change the world. Pray for him.

Somewhere today a family sits with an empty chair at the table. A father, mother, son, or daughter is on active duty, out of sight, but never out of mind. A wife misses her husband, a mother misses her daughter, and a child misses a parent. Theirs is a silent sacrifice that deserves our honor and recognition. Pray for them.

Somewhere today grieving hearts walk through rows of white and green, reading names until one stops them in their tracks. They remember, holding their hearts in pictures and letters. Pride and pain spill over onto their cheeks. Pray for them.

Somewhere today the Commander in Chief wrestles with decisions that will affect us all. He carries a heavy burden, has to make impossible choices, and lives with the pressing reality that he leads the nation with the greatest blessings and deepest responsibilities on earth. Pray for him.

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord…” – Psalm 33:12a

My Jesus Resolution today is to pray. I am going to pray for the soldiers who protect our homeland, for the families who give their hearts in deep service, for the loved ones whose hearts ache and whose cheeks are wet, for leaders who make the heavy decisions about where to stand and how to protect our country. I am going to pray for the people who are gathering today around grills, in backyards, and with friends. I am going to pray for revival and a renewed sense of God’s presence and purpose in our land. Remember today, and pray.



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