Tax Day

16 04 2012

Nobody really looks forward to Tax Day, except perhaps accountants who look forward to it being over. Taxes are necessary to maintain a government purposed with upholding the common good. We pay our taxes this week with honesty and integrity in submission to God, recognizing that it gives us the opportunity to pray for those who will make decisions regarding the money and how it is spent.

Tax Day has been coming around for centuries. It is on one such day that Jesus uses taxes to teach us a valuable lesson about what we owe and who has a claim on our lives.

Enemies of Jesus decided to use Tax Day to trap Jesus. They developed a question about paying taxes to Rome to test Jesus. An answer in favor of Rome would enflame the disfavor of the people. An answer advising avoiding taxes would bring the wrath of Rome down on His head.

Jesus listened to their question and examined their hearts. He requested a coin and asked about the image engraved on its shiny surface. As they pointed to Caesar’s image on the coin, Jesus pointed to their hearts. “Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s, and to God the things that are God’s.” – Mark 12:17

Paying taxes is appropriate. Presidents have their pictures on our money. Give them what is due. God wants something more valuable and more encompassing. God has stamped His image on our souls. Give Him what bears His image.

My Jesus Resolution today is to pay my taxes – all of them. As I file my taxes, I will see the amounts on the different lines as evidence of my blessings. I will also examine my heart. Money is just money. It doesn’t have God’s image on it. My heart does. Have I given it fully to Him? Is there some part that I am holding back as my own? Have I answered the full claim He has on my life? Today I will pay the government what I owe and put my heart in God’s hands, giving Him everything I am.



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