Thank You

13 04 2012

Dear Friend,

I am writing you this letter because I love you. I don’t tell you often enough, but your presence in my life is a blessing. I see Jesus in you. Your laugh reminds me to seek out joy, your constancy is a comfort, and your willingness to listen has softened many hard days.

Thank you for encouraging me to journey deeper into faith. The way that you extend grace to my heart allows me to release the shame I too often hold on to. I hear the echo of His voice in your words, and catch the fragrance of Christ in your actions. Your servant’s heart extends an invitation to my soul every time I am with you.

You aren’t perfect. I am so thankful that you let me see that in you. Your transparency inspires me to drop the masks I so often feel compelled to wear. You let Jesus meet you in your weaknesses. Your willingness to be vulnerable has made me stronger.

How do you bless someone who has been such a blessing in your life? Know that today you are covered in prayer. Remember that you are loved. Understand that the impossibles with which you wrestle are swallowed up in God’s bigger than you can ask or imagine plans for you.

My Jesus Resolution today is follow you as you follow Christ. Your example points me to the cross. Your love encourages me to take the next step of faith. Your willingness to speak His name, bow your head, bend your knees, dirty your hands, and extend His grace helps make the invisible visible. I am not putting you on a pedestal. Your example highlights His example. The way you walk in Him teaches me how to be braver, believe stronger, pray harder, praise richer, sing louder, laugh bigger, and embrace everything it means to live this redeemed, resurrected life. “I thank my God in all my remembrance of you.” – Philippians 1:3



One response

16 04 2012
Barbara Bramlett

You inspire me each day to be a better christian as I read you messages of the day. You have such a way with words it makes everything so simple to understand.
They remind me of the parables Jesus taught…we all can relate. I share them with many of my friends. Thank you so much. May God continue to bless you as you serve HIM so wonderfully.

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