30 03 2012

My youngest son is nothing if not persistent. He doesn’t forget a thing. He will remind you, ask you a thousand questions, check to see if you are making plans, and even leave little notes if he thinks it will help.  Today I am reminding myself that persistence is a characteristic that I want embedded in his heart and mine.

The dictionary defines persistence as the ability to continue steadfastly or firmly. The Bible holds up persistence as an enduring quality of faith. We are repeatedly told to stand firm, continue on, persevere, and to not give up. As I learn from my son, here are ten things in which I want to be deeply persistent.

1. Persistent in investing myself in prayer.

2. Persistent in immersing myself and those around me in His love.

3. Persistent in offering the sacrifice of praise.

4. Persistent in encouraging others.

5. Persistent in meeting God in His Word.

6. Persistent in counting my blessings.

7. Persistent in seeing God’s hand in my day.

8. Persistent in cultivating a grateful heart.

9. Persistent in enjoying joy.

10. Persistent in looking like Jesus.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be persistent. Persistence has the ability to shape my heart, open my eyes, reform my thoughts, and give birth to deeper faith. Persistence encourages me to keep trying, keep trusting, keep believing, and keep growing. We serve a persistent God. He never gives up on us, continually pursues us, is faithful beyond imagination, and is steadfast in His deep desire to draw us close to His heart. Where do you most need to persist in being persistent?



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1 04 2012

Thanks so much Casandra! Love this post and want it to reflect me and my desires to please God – every day.

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