Termite Inspection

28 03 2012

Chip is coming over today. He is our termite guy. Termites are a reality of living in south Texas. One of the downsides of our warm, humid weather is that it is the perfect breeding ground for these destructive insects. If you have a house here, you can be sure that termite inspections will be a part of your routine.

Termites are small, ant-like insects that burrow their way into the wood of a house. Then they begin to eat. It doesn’t seem like such a small creature could have that big of an impact on something as big and solid as a house, but the truth is that termites can do significant damage before you even realize they have moved in. Left unchecked and untreated, termites can literally make your house crumble.

This is where Chip comes in. Chip’s job is to routinely come around and inspect our house for termites. Trained and experienced, he knows how to look for the evidence that we would overlook until it is too late. He also makes suggestions about how to take preventative steps that will protect our house from the termites’ destructiveness.

The truth is that I have termites. Not in my house. In my soul. Selfish habits, negative attitudes, and unsurrendered corners of my heart all become little monsters that eat away at what God is building in my life. One moment of worry, stubbornness, or self-focus may not seem to have much destructive force, but let it burrow in and it can have a devastating impact.

My Jesus Resolution today is to open the door and let Jesus inspect my heart. I don’t want anything to eat away at the joy, peace, abundance, and grace that He is creating in me. His Word provides the lamp that shines into the dark recesses of my soul. His character teaches me how to live in His protection and the shelter of His embrace. His blood is the remedy for the infiltrations that seep in and take up residence.



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