The Bad Hair Day

19 03 2012

It was a bad hair day. You know exactly what I mean, don’t you? No matter what I tried, my hair poofed where it was supposed to be flat, flipped where it was supposed to curl, and hung straight where it was supposed to fall gracefully. And we are not even going to talk about the streaks of silver that sparkled in the reflection. I could blame the humidity, the shampoo, the hair dryer, or a lack of chocolate, but it was just a bad hair day.

Bad hair days make us feel bad about ourselves. It is amazing how a stray curl can redefine how we see ourselves in the mirror. Somehow, we feel a little less confident, a little more self-conscious, and have a lot more doubt about our ability to face the day. On good hair days, we stand a little straighter, look more people in the eye, and feel ready to take on the world.

God wants us to know that there is good news, even on bad hair days. Our value in His eyes is never based on our reflection in the mirror. Our worth is not grounded in our ability to look good, be good, or do good. Our significance isn’t tied to the externals the world holds as worthwhile. Our importance to God’s heart is defined by the cross and His own determination to love you.

My Jesus Resolution today is to look in the mirror and see what God sees. When He sees me, He sees someone worth redeeming. Someone who is loved beyond measure. Someone who is a vessel of grace. Looking at my hair should remind me that He numbers each strand, and knows the inner movements of my heart. Today when I look in the mirror, I can stand a little taller knowing that He sees someone whom He is transforming to look a little more like Jesus.



One response

23 03 2012

Can relate to the feelings of a bad hair day! Love the way you see it differently than most.

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