Page Turner

16 03 2012

It was the neatest sound. Last Sunday, I was sitting in worship services soaking in the words of God during the sermon. The preacher asked us to turn to a particular passage, and that is when I heard it. Pages turned all over the room. The sound so caught my attention that I turned around and looked. It sounded like angel’s wings as fingers moved, Bibles opened, and eyes searched the scriptures.

It might not seem like much, but that was a God moment for me. The sound of those pages turning indicates more than just the rustle of some sheets of paper. There is a readiness in that sound that makes my eyes open wider. There is a surrender in that sound that challenges me to bow more deeply. There is an anticipation in that sound that makes my heart beat faster. There is a hope in that sound that cracks open the barriers of despair and invites me into the presence of God.

The Bible is a page turner. We usually only reserve that term for the latest works of fiction, but the truth is that God’s Word is captivating. In its pages, God reveals His heart, shows us His plan, uncovers His delight, and invites us into intimacy with Him. Every time we open His Word, we have a chance to meet Jesus, see His face, experience His power, and be changed by His glory. He has promised that when we seek Him, we will find Him. That is never more true than when we turn the pages of our Bibles, and meet Him there.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be a page turner. It doesn’t matter whether I open my Bible in a book or on a screen. What matters is my heart. Do I anticipate meeting Him in the words? Is my heart ready to be examined and transformed? Is my soul prepared to surrender to His voice? Do I expect to be amazed by His holiness and humbled by His grace? I don’t want to take the gift of turning those pages for granted. After all, every time I do, I stand on holy ground.



3 responses

16 03 2012
Molly Bedrich

Thank you, again, for reminding me of His presence in the ordinary moments of life.

16 03 2012
Paula Wooten

Casandra, can you just imagine with your Spiritual eyes what many praises
came up to Him when He heard the pages turning..They are still seeking me…

16 03 2012

I have often basked in sound of the turning pages. It means something a little different to me as well as everything you stated. My husband is the evangelist. When I hear the pages turning, I also hear Paul gently whispering to each one present to bring the light and hold it next to the speaker and make sure his words are His Words. Thank you for sharing this moment of gift giving.

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