12 03 2012

My college kids have been home for Spring Break. It is always such a joy to have them home. We look forward to their coming, counting the days and hours until we can laugh and love in person. It is always a time of smiles, silliness, and satisfaction.

We have a little friend who is a part of our family. He is five now, and loves his “big” friends. He plays at our house each week, and part of his routine is to call his big friends at college. He tells them about his day, who is chasing whom on the playground, and how fast he can run around the bases. For the past couple of weeks, he has been expectant. “How many more night-nights until you come home?” They count the bedtimes, looking forward to the fun.

My kids finally arrived, and our little friend tackled my son with a giant hug. He held on with fierce determination, whispering in my son’s ear, “You can’t go back to college for one hundred weeks. I miss you too much.”

Hellos are awesome. Goodbyes stink.

One of the neatest things about heaven will be saying goodbye to goodbyes. No more loss. No more separation. No more heartache, tears, or loneliness. An eternity of joyous welcomes without the shadow of having to say goodbye.

My Jesus Resolution today is to remember that goodbye is temporary. Even now there are no goodbyes with Jesus. God has promised never to leave us, but people can’t make that promise. Today we have to deal with the reality of goodbyes – whether the brief “see you in a minute” kind or the aching emptiness that comes with standing in the cemetery. Jesus nailed goodbyes to the cross, declaring them finished. When He returns, it will be with a glorious hello and not a single goodbye in sight.



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