The Countdown

9 03 2012

We are in the midst of a countdown. Exciting things are happening in our family in the next couple of months, and we are counting the days until the big “day.” Every time we mention how much time is left, big smiles spread across expectant faces. Anticipation is a powerful gift.

When we look forward to tomorrow, it changes our perspective about today. Our priorities are different. The weight of today’s burdens is measured against the joy we are expecting in the future. Anticipation shapes how we spend our time today, how we invest our resources, and how we value our relationships. It gives us a little burst of energy, propelling us forward through the sometimes sticky business of the present.

A Christian’s life should be clearly defined by anticipation. We should be an edge-of-our-seat, standing-on-our-tip-toes kind of people. We, of all people, have the most to look forward to. We have blessings to count, grace to embrace, and joy to enjoy. God is here, and everyday our eyes can eagerly expect to encounter His presence. We can wake up every morning confident that this will be a day in which we meet Jesus.

We are also counting down to heaven. We don’t know the exact day He is coming back, but we know that the promise is sure and the clock is ticking. Each day we get a little closer. Every moment draws us a little nearer to the day when we will bow before His throne. Peter gives us this reminder as we countdown. “Therefore, beloved, since you are waiting for these, be diligent to be found by him without spot or blemish, and at peace.” (II Peter 3:14)

My Jesus Resolution today is to find joy in the countdown. Someday the day will be here. I will see His face, hear His voice, and be held by His love. Today, I am going to wait with joy. I am going to let the expectation of His nearness propel me to open my heart to His presence. I want to let His coming shape my priorities, realign my attitudes, and control the rhythm of my time.Today I am going to let the anticipation pull my eyes and my heart a little more fervently toward home.



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