12 12 2011

The seasons are changing again. Autumn leaves, bright with color, fall to the ground creating a jeweled blanket on the earth. The cold wind encourages us to pull out the quilts, snuggle up in sweaters, and sip hot chocolate. Two of my children woke up this week to a world wrapped in white. Snow covered everything in a canopy of new wonder, dazzling sparkle, and frosty freshness. They made snowmen, threw snowballs, and scraped ice off of cars.

Evidence of transformation is all around us. Seasons change. Children grow. Butterflies spin cocoons. Snow falls. Leaves turn. Flowers bloom. Seeds become plants. Semesters start, and then finish. Babies are born. Eggs hatch. Ice freezes, and then melts. We celebrate the first snowfall, the first green blade of grass, the first day of flip flops, and the first autumn leaf. Why do we do that? We do that because God has wired us for transformation.

Transformation is at the heart of God’s plan for us. Every day He plants reminders, pictures, examples, and stories of transformation all around us. He wants us to celebrate the caterpillar, and watch for the butterfly. He loves that we dance in the first snow, and smile at the evidence of spring poking up through the earth. He created the wonder we feel when babies are born. He ignites anticipation in our souls as we learn to pay attention to the transformation all around us. All of that transformation points us back to His heart.

Every picture of transformation, every story of renewal, and every moment of metamorphosis is meant to remind us of what God is willing and able to do in us. He can change the seasons, bring flowers to life from a seed, move in time and space to make us aware of His presence, and paint the autumn leaves and the spring wildflowers with the rich palette of His colors. Every time He does, He is looking at you. Those are just hints of the transformation He longs to work in you.

My Jesus Resolution today is to notice one example of transformation God plants in my day. The transformation all around me is an invitation to walk in the transformation He has in store for me. Each picture, each story has the power to teach me a lesson about trusting Him, honoring His faithfulness, and surrendering to His plan for me. Maybe I need to be still like the new fallen snow and let His grace cover me. Perhaps I need to die to self, burying my desires and ambitions, so that I can bloom into something that will bear fruit. Maybe I need to anticipate a new beginning, take the time to enjoy a new beauty, or let worship overwhelm me as I watch the many cycles of life unfold. Perhaps I need to look in the mirror and ask God to help me look more like Jesus.



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11 08 2012

Transformation reminds me of this morning. My grandson woke calling my name and I told him I was in the other room. I asked him what he wanted he said he wanted to catch me before I went to work. I thought he said text me so I told him he didn’t have to text me I was right there. He said he didn’t say text he said catch me. So I asked him why he wanted to catch me he said he wanted to give me a hug before I went to work. The love I felt at that moment was priceless. We don’t always think of God trying to catch us in the morning before we go to work or start our day to simply give us a hug and remind us He is with us but this morning gave me an opportunity to see another side of my creator His heart is pleased when we allow Him to enfold us in His love and when we understand His desire to do so. So tomorrow when you get up take a moment to let God speak your name and say I want to catch you before you start your day and give You a hug and let Him enfold you on His love.

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