Christmas Trees

9 12 2011

Is your house decorated? Our house is transformed. For one month of the year, we live in a wonderland. Snowmen stand watch by the windows. Santas fill the bookshelves, watching for who is naughty or nice. Stockings are hung by the fireplace with care. Lights twinkle in the darkness, and there is a Christmas tree in my living room.

The Christmas tree is the focal point of all of this holiday decorating. It is covered with lights and memories. Ornaments made out of orange juice lids hang next to crystal beauties. Each of my children has their own box of ornaments. The highlight of our decorating adventure is always the moment when they open the box and start remembering. There are ornaments handed down from my grandmother. There are handmade ones, tacky ones, and exquisite ones. They paint a picture of our lives. My husband and I love to find quiet moments to sit by the tree after the kids have all gone to bed and just soak in the beauty.

Gifts are stacked under the tree. Mementoes of love carefully packaged. They are wrapped up in shiny paper to encourage anticipation. My kids love to watch the pile grow through the month as family and friends add to the excitement. Big presents still catch their eyes. I have come to learn that the smaller packages often hold the best gifts.

Our Christmas tree dominates the month of December, but there is another tree that needs to be our focal point all year long. What would happen if we planted the cross as firmly in our lives as our Christmas tree sits in our living room? Over time, our memories would center around the cross. We would spend time together talking about times of grace, moments of forgiveness, and occasions of encouragement. There would be faith ornaments handed down from others. We would look forward to quiet moments soaking in its deep beauty and profound message.

My Jesus Resolution today is focus on the cross. Light streams from its beams. It cuts through the darkness, drawing us closer with its warmth and invitation to belong. Today I am going to let my Christmas tree remind me of another tree. A more important tree. And the Savior who died there so that I can live with Him.



One response

11 12 2011
Molly Bedrich

Thank you, Casandra! Again, you have guided me to look at something with new eyes. To be reminded of Jesus in the familiar routines of my day. What a blessing!

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