What Are You Good At?

2 12 2011

Children have a way of seamlessly cutting to the truth. We picked our little friend up at school this week and listened to him talk about his day. They had spent the morning discussing the talents of each child. “What are you good at?” asked his teacher. Children have no difficulty identifying their talents. Some are good at running. Others love to build things. Our little friend proudly declared that he is very good at singing and dancing. Little ones understand that everybody has something they are good at and are willing to celebrate that goodness wherever they see it.

Buckled in the car seat, he continued his observations about what the people he loves are good at. His grandmother is good at baking. His grandfather is good at helping him ride a horse. His dad is good at driving his truck. His big buddy is good at being stinky. (Yes, he really said that.) Finally, I asked him what God is good at. He didn’t pause for a moment. “God is good at everything.”

I love the truth captured in that one sentence. God is good at everything. Everything He touches, everything He does, everything He says, every way He works, every moment He inhabits is filled with His goodness. God never just gets by. He doesn’t wing it, or cross His fingers and hope it turns out. He never cuts corners, rushes through the pieces, or says ‘good enough.’ Everything He does is excellent. He brings the perfect touch to each and every moment. We can be confident that if God is in the middle of it, it is very good.

“Ah, Lord God! It is you who have made the heavens and the earth by your great power and by your outstretched arm! Nothing is too hard for you.” – Jeremiah 32:17

My Jesus Resolution today is to celebrate the truth that God is good at everything. He is good at creating the stars beyond the stars, moving the tides, and painting the rainbow across the sky. But His goodness is also very personal. He is good at bestowing grace, extending mercy, healing what is broken, and settling peace into a confused and hurting heart. He is good at loving me. He is good at transformation. There may be days where I question what I am good at, but God’s desire for me never changes. He wants me to be good at looking like Jesus.



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