The Gift List

30 11 2011

This is the time of year in which we are all looking for the perfect present for the people in our lives. We want the gift to be meaningful, fun, and bring joy and smiles. There are lots of great choices out there, but sometimes the most profound gifts are gifts of the heart. Here are ten gift list ideas that will help point the people you love to Jesus.

1. Bestow a blessing.

2. Commit to praying for someone for 30 days.

3. Share your favorite Bible verse.

4. Offer a word of encouragement, praise, or admiration.

5. Tell someone where you see God working in their life.

6. Make a list of 52 of God’s promises – one for each week of the year.

7. Speak the words, “I love you” often and out loud.

8. Give a gratitude journal. Fill the first entry with reasons you are thankful for that person.

9. Wrap up a packet of seeds and share how that someone planted the seeds of God’s love in your life.

10. Make a family resolution to Look Like Jesus. Create a sign for your refrigerator, cards for the bathroom mirrors, and give each family member a bracelet, necklace, or small something to carry in their pocket as a reminder to always choose Jesus.

My Jesus Resolution today is offer even the gifts I give during the holidays as tools for His glory. I want everything to point to Jesus. I want to inspire others to walk in His steps, follow in His ways, and live in His purpose. It starts by giving myself. I want to live my life in joyous response to the very great gift God has given me. I want to look like Jesus, and that is the best gift I can give to everyone around me.



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