14 11 2011

Gratitude is an interesting word. It marks the attitude of a heart that recognizes its blessings. It opens our eyes to see the way the hand of God touches our lives. It realigns our perspective, readjusts our priorities, and renews His purpose in our souls.

Gratitude is a response to the grace God pours into our lives. Grace speaks to the lavish gifts God extends to us through His love. The cross frames the most spectacular demonstration of grace. If that were the only marker of His grace that we ever notice, it would be more than enough.

But God causes grace to overflow into every part of our day. Where have you experienced God’s grace today? Probably in more ways than you even realize. Grace speaks to every part of who we are. Our eyes witness grace every time we see a rainbow, watch a sunset, or exchange a smile. Our noses breathe in grace with every whiff of a sweet aroma or the fragrant scent of the night air. Our tongues tingle with grace as we taste the flavors He provides us each day. Our ears take in the symphony of grace in the sound of children laughing, hymns being lifted in praise, and prayers being offered up in faith. Our sense of touch provides a grand measure of grace as we hold hands, give hugs, and experience the comfort and delight of family and friends.

We experience grace through His creation, His Word, His people, His provision, and His unending pursuit of our hearts. Grace will infuse everything you see today. The question is will we respond with gratitude?

My Jesus Resolution today is to experience grace and be grateful. I want gratitude to define the position of my heart. I want my eyes to drink in His grace, my senses to explode with the overwhelming reality that He is near, and my soul to respond to His presence with thanksgiving. Each moment of every day gives me the opportunity to look a little bit deeper into His heart and for Him to change my heart to look a little bit more like Jesus. Now that is something to be grateful for. Thank you, God.



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