The Tomb

11 11 2011

“Now in the place where he was crucified there was a garden, and in the
garden a new tomb in which no one had yet been laid.”
– John 19:41

The tomb of Jesus doesn’t get very much attention. We focus on the power of the cross and the victory of the resurrection, celebrating the grace that overflows into our lives because of what Jesus did for us. Often the tomb just gets mentioned in passing. It is a waiting place. A time of pause marked by grief and, for those who know the rest of the story, anticipation.

However, the tomb in which Jesus was buried holds special meaning for us as well. Jesus did more than wait for three days in the tomb. In those shadows, Jesus buried our guilt, shame, regret, doubts, and worries. Jesus confined the heavy clouds that overshadow our hearts to the darkness of the tomb. In its recesses, He dug a grave for our sins.

Dying to self means allowing God to bury the mistakes, sins, and failures that plague us. Being crucified with Him means following Jesus into the tomb and leaving behind the shame, guilt, and worthlessness that haunt our hearts. We can’t live in the power of the resurrection until we enter the tomb and lay to rest the burdens for which Jesus died on the cross.

My Jesus Resolution today is to spend some time at the tomb. Jesus is not in the tomb. It is empty because He is alive. It is in its shadows that my sins are buried, my guilt
lies in a grave, and my rebellion is laid to rest. I am going to leave those things in the shadows of the tomb and walk out into the light of the resurrection. I don’t have to carry them anymore. Jesus left them in the tomb. I can too.



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