Best Friends

31 10 2011

Do you have a best friend? Best friends are special people. They inhabit a unique place in our hearts as we share our lives together. Best friendships are developed over time. Trust, transparency, and tenderness are hallmarks of friendships that have a deep impact on our hearts.

There is an Old Testament pair who helps us understand the power of friendship. David and Jonathan are about as different as two men could be. David is a shepherd. Jonathan is the son of the king. They become friends after David kills Goliath. First Samuel 18:1 tells us that “As soon as he had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul.”

What a neat picture. Their souls were knit together. They wove their lives together, deliberately committing themselves to each other. Friends are intentional about their relationship. Best friends don’t grow without the determination to intertwine your lives. Weaving our stories together requires transparency, openness, and vulnerability. It can only grow in the soil of trust and demands an investment of both time and the heart.

The best snapshots of their friendship are captured in the moments that find David fleeing Jonathan’s father Saul. Having warned David of Saul’s wrath, Jonathan reassures David of their continuing friendship, telling him, “The LORD shall be between me and you…forever.” – I Samuel 20:42. Here is the secret to their amazing friendship. God stands in the middle. Their relationship is defined by the Lord. Their friendship is cemented in God.

My Jesus Resolution today is to imitate Jonathan. I want my friendships to be grounded in God. I want to be willing to open my life up to deep friendship. I am going to commit to being more transparent, sharing my heart with those God has brought into my life. I am going to resolve to point my friends to Jesus with every word and action. I am going to be thankful that God knits us together. With Him at the center, we won’t unravel.



One response

8 11 2011
Shirley Talley

Thanks for another thought provoking blog.

My best friend works across the street from the office I work in. She and I met by happen stance. Thru the years we have worked together, were Cub Scout leaders, together, became neighbors, went thru the aftermath of her divorce together. We have lunch together maybe four times a year and time makes no difference.

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