28 10 2011

Saturated is an interesting word. It brings with it pictures of being soaked, overwhelmed, and drippy. I picture a sponge. Used to clean up a mess, a sponge soaks in the liquid spilled all over the counter. It draws the liquid in, making it a part of its own substance. It becomes so full of the liquid it is picking up that it becomes saturated.

God wants us to be saturated with Jesus. Our hearts are like sponges. They are meant to soak up His presence, draw His love deep into our cores, and move in such a way that we are filling ourselves with Him. Too often, we soak up things that aren’t good for us. We allow the world to soak into the pores of who we are and our hearts become heavy with the things of this world.

If we want to be saturated with Jesus, we will have to wring out the other things that have become embedded within us. We will have to empty our sponges of the attitudes that misdirect our hearts, the motives that turn our focus away from God, and the behaviors that cause us to take a shape other than Jesus. Getting rid of that isn’t easy. Sponges have to be rung dry. They have to be twisted and squeezed in order to get rid of liquid stored in its pores. Colossians 3:5 puts it this way, “Put to death therefore what is earthly in you.”

In order to become saturated with Jesus, we then need to fill ourselves with Him. We need to put on His character, letting holiness, grace, faithfulness, and patience soak deeply into our souls. We must give our hearts to letting Him penetrate our hearts with His love, piercing our souls with His presence, and plant His wisdom deep in our minds. The more time we spend with Him, the more saturated with Him we become.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be saturated with Jesus. I want to fill every corner of my life. I long to be so full of Him that it pours out of my soul in praise. I want to overflow with His presence. I am going to wring out everything that prevents Him from penetrating every piece of my heart. I want to be so saturated with Jesus that He is all you can see in me.



2 responses

28 10 2011
Katy Penick

Casandra, this devotional thought today is so you. The best way to descibe you is that God just oozes out of you. Thank you for your example. You raise the bar for other. We need that!

28 10 2011
Carolyn Davis Corria

Let us take Jesus to the world.

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