God is in Control

29 07 2011

We are in the midst of hurricane season on the Gulf Coast. June 1 – November 30th marks the time period in which our eyes watch the Atlantic for the next hurricane. The weather man with the most hurricane experience becomes our best friend. We follow hurricane preparedness procedures, stocking up on water, nonperishable supplies, batteries, and plywood. What starts out as a little disturbance off the coast of Africa has the potential to devastate lives here at home.

Watching a hurricane build in the ocean brings tension, fear, and stress. We hold our breath as storms roar across the waters, building strength and causing devastation. Hurricanes cause fear because there is nothing we can do about them. They are out of our control. We can prepare, stock up supplies, even evacuate, but ultimately, the storm unleashes its fury and we are helpless.

Hurricanes are a good picture of the other storms that track across our lives. Sometimes we can see them coming, we hold our breath and hope they swing around us. Other times the clear, sunny skies don’t give us a clue that powerful winds and strong rains are about to test the very foundations of our hearts.

Faith allows us to see the storms differently – whether a big hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico or a powerful storm brewing in our lives. God is in control. There is no storm that can shake Him or wind that can push Him aside. Our faith and hope can rest securely in the hands of our Lord. God is bigger than all of our storms. No matter its size, no matter its intensity – God is our shelter and the anchor of our faith.

My Jesus Resolution today is to remember that God is in control. He is bigger than any storm that comes my way. I want to anchor myself in His love, let the inexhaustible supply of His grace fill my heart, and let His peace have reign over my soul.



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