27 07 2011

George Washington said it best. “It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and the Bible.”

America is a special nation. It has a unique position in the world, and with that comes a profound set of privileges and responsibilities. Its influence makes it a world power with the ability to communicate the ideals of freedom and equality in ways unheard of in previous times. Its economic base fuels stability throughout the world. Its work ethic, ingenuity, and ability to see opportunity in every situation provide hope and foster confidence around the globe.

Because of its deep influence and potential to reach into the hearts of people around the world, America needs to set its compass with care. Our first president understood the need to lead in the direction set by God. Recognizing God’s place in our land is essential to maintaining the freedom we cherish. The Bible is a roadmap to answering our deepest struggles, honoring our most valued ideals, and providing the light we need to move forward into the future.

What is true for a nation is true for its citizens. The heart of a country is most deeply grounded in the hearts of its people. If we want to be a nation that walks with God, we must be a people who walk with God. If we desire for our country to be guided by the Bible, we must be a people who live out its words. If we long for America to be a light to all nations, we must each learn to shine with the light of His truth in our own lives.

My Jesus Resolution today is to take my citizenship seriously. Governing a nation isn’t somebody else’s responsibility. It is my responsibility to live in the way I want my leaders to govern. If I want the Bible to be the foundation of my country, it needs to be the foundation of my life. If I want God to lead my nation, I need to surrender my heart to His rule. Valuing our independence is best done by recommitting myself to dependence on God.



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