29 06 2011

I love walking along the beach. There is something about the feel of sand between my toes, the wash of the cool water across my feet, and the combination of sun and gentle wind that is just magical. I like making sand castles, searching for shells, and watching the waves. But I find footprints fascinating.

When you walk along the beach, you leave a trail. Your feet make an impression in the sand and, for a moment, you leave a record of your movement for the world to see. Someone else can track your direction, measure your steps, and discover something about you by the path you leave in the sand.

The Bible is filled with footprints. One of the places where those footprints are most evident is in the records of the kings of Israel and Judah. The stories found in First and Second Kings all have a familiar ring to them. “So and so became king and he followed in the way of his father….” Footprints. Whether for good or for evil, the footprints of the ones who walked before guided the path of the one who came next.

Have you ever thought about the footprints you are leaving for others to find and follow? What can they tell about the way you walk, your priorities, your dreams, and your heart for God from the footprints you make in the sands of time? Where did you spend your time? Where did you invest your heart? Can they see the places where you paused in prayer, spent time in His Word, and waded into worship? Do your footprints lead to the cross?

“Whoever says he abides in him ought to walk in the same way in which he walked.”         – I John 2:6

My Jesus Resolution today is to walk in the footprints of Jesus. I want to go where He goes, matching my steps to His. I want to imitate His priorities, live in His power, and discover the dreams He is leading me to realize. More than anything, I want to leave footprints behind me that will point others to Him. I long for those who see my trail to find themselves captivated by the cross and the transformation promised to those who will walk in His steps. One way or the other, I am going to leave a footprint today. I want it to look like the footprint of Jesus.



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