The Verdict

27 06 2011

I got picked. My day of jury duty ended with me sitting in a courtroom with eleven other people awaiting the start of a trial. We watched the defendant settle into his seat, listened to the two attorneys talk about the case, and paid attention when the judge gave us instructions about the law. Then we were led by the bailiff into a room with twelve chairs. He shut the door, and the weight of the responsibility for discovering the truth and rendering judgment settled heavily on our shoulders.

As we sifted through evidence, reviewed testimony, and talked about our differing understandings of the ins and outs of the case, I gained a new appreciation for the omniscience, wisdom, and righteousness of God. We spent time wishing we could know what was going through someone’s mind. God sees what is in our hearts. We had to wade through conflicting statements and recollections. God is an eyewitness to all of our actions, seeing the truth even when it is not evident to us. We wrestled with reasonable doubt. God’s wisdom is absolute.

Judgment rests in the hands of God, and I am so thankful for that. He knows the very essence of our souls. He sees our motives, examines our movements, observes our actions, and weighs our thoughts. We see the surface. He holds the heart.

Sitting in the defendant’s seat in God’s courtroom, I know that my verdict is guilty. It is the only right and just judgment He can render in my case. Surprisingly, amazingly, I find that I do not stand alone before the Judge. My Advocate moves in closer, acknowledging my guilt, but taking my punishment on Himself. His blood covers my soul, changing my verdict. I am not guilty because of Jesus.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be humble in my dealings with others. God alone knows their circumstances, their struggles, their sorrows, and their hearts. My tendency is to judge based on the moment, dismissing people who deserve more from me. I am going to remember that my own sentence was paid for by Jesus, and I am going to extend that grace to others. In the end, God will do exactly the right thing, make the right decision, and uphold truth with His own right hand. My job is to lift up Jesus and leave the verdict in His hands.



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