8 06 2011

This week, as part of an ongoing commitment to being like Jesus, I have been asked to fast. Fasting makes people nervous. In a society geared toward instant gratification, fasting seems strange and outside of the box. And that is exactly the point.

Fasting is a spiritual discipline, just like Bible reading, prayer, and service. It is a tool God gives us that opens doors of opportunity for Him to come in and work in deeper ways in our hearts. Fasting is an emptying discipline. Its purpose is to train our souls to let go of the world. When we fast, we blunt the impact the world has on our hearts. We limit the world’s access to our inner selves, and invite God to fill space that we usually fill with something else. In denying ourselves, we learn how to more fully embrace the purpose of God.

There are many different kinds of fasts. We can fast from dessert, coffee or soda, a particular meal, or food all together. We can fast from television, Facebook, texting, video games, the internet, music, a hobby, busyness, shopping, or a sport. The idea behind a fast is to step away from our regular routines and step deeper into the rhythm of God. He uses fasting to reset our sensitivity to His presence, pry the stickiness of sin loose from our hearts, and refocus our eyes and our hearts. It makes the cross bigger and the world smaller.

When we fast, we commit the time, energy, and resources that we would normally spend in one place toward an investment in worship and surrender.  In other words, you can’t fast from donuts by eating cookies instead. Fasting is the deliberate move to fill space that is normally given to the physical with things that are spiritual. Giving up what satisfies self with a heart drawn toward being satisfied with God.

My Jesus Resolution today is to fast. I am going to choose something and set it aside for a day. I am going to make the intentional move to deny myself in order to more closely take on His nature. I want fasting to remind me not to tie my heart too tightly to this world, to help me be more aware of His presence, and to impress on my soul the truth that my deepest joy is found in surrender.



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8 06 2011
Brenda Young

In retrospect I can see the joy I have found in surrendering to Him. Bad habits, TV, even diet had been putting a road block between me & the God I love and want to serve. You have helped draw me to that goal in the series of messages ” Looking like Jesus ” It is incredibly sweet, sweet music to my ears. Thank you, for being a Servant of the Most High King!!!!

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