Mr. Bible

6 06 2011

Mr. Bible made an appearance tonight. Vacation Bible School is in full swing, and Mr. Bible is the star of the show. Every evening, children anxiously watch for Mr. Bible to come in and teach them about the Word of God. He tells them about Jesus, teaches them how to respect and love God’s Word, and gives them a powerful picture of the way the Lord wants to reach into their hearts.

The neat thing about Mr. Bible is that he gives kids a glimpse into the truth that the Bible is alive and active. It isn’t a book that sits on a shelf. It is more than words on a page or a collection of wise sayings. The Bible is the voice of God calling you and me deeper into His will. The Bible is holy ground. It is one place where we can take off our shoes, confident that we are stepping into the holy presence of God. It is a place to listen, to learn, to ask questions, and to be silent. The Bible gives voice to our deepest thoughts as we watch God interact with His people. It opens doors of opportunity as it invites us to walk more closely by His side. It touches our fears, answers our hurts, celebrates our joys, and speaks to our deepest need. The Bible is so much more than paper filled with ink. It is a doorway straight into the heart of God Himself.

Understanding the message Mr. Bible brings is a blessing, but watching the children’s faces as they fall in love with the truth that God is speaking to them is compelling. Their eyes grow wide with the possibility that they can hear the voice of God. Their hearts grow softer as they respond to the love of God. Their ears grow more attentive as they become accustomed to hearing His whisper. Their feet walk more confidently in the footsteps of God. Meeting Mr. Bible leaves them changed because time in the Bible is an encounter with God.

My Jesus Resolution today is to spend time in my Bible. I want to open it up and hear His voice. I want to feel His blessing, experience His presence, and be wrapped in His love. I long to know His plans for me, learn to see His hands on my days, and understand the life He calls me to live. Today as I open my Bible, I am going to be very deliberate about opening my heart at the same time. God wants to speak, and I want to listen. Thanks, Mr. Bible.



2 responses

6 06 2011
Cynthia Suggs

Oh how I would love to be there to see Mr. Bible and the reaction of the chidren. I think it would be good for Mr. Bible to come to the adult class too! If we would only listen to His word. Wrap ourselves in what He has to say and then share it.

6 06 2011
Jan Fleming

For one brief moment, I wished I was a child again and could see and hear Mr. Bible. I pray that these children’s encounter with Mr. Bible will last a life time

Thank you Cassandra,

Jan Fleming

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