The Symphony

27 05 2011

“For the body does not consist of one member but of many.” – I Corinthians 12:14

Last week, I caught another glimpse of the wonderful way God pulls us together to help the world see Him. My son plays in the orchestra at school. He plays the double bass – the big, tall instrument in the back. It was concert time and we enjoyed hearing how all the hours of practicing and rehearsals came together in what was literally a symphony.

After the concert, I told my son which song was my favorite piece. It was a beautiful number that captured my imagination. He got a bit of a frown on his face when I named the song. “But mom,” he said. “All I do in that song is play one note over and over.”

His comment provides an interesting lesson. In many ways, the body of Christ is like an orchestra. Each Christian plays a part. Our individual notes, combined with the harmonies and melodies of everyone else, create a beautiful song that gives the rest of the world an opportunity to hear the heart of God. Alone, my son’s bass note would sound one dimensional. Combined with the rest of the instruments, his note adds depth, intensity, and counterpoint to the whole, creating a thing of beauty and wonder.

Being a part of an orchestra requires learning to keep our eyes on the Conductor, following His lead and paying attention to His direction. He alone knows how to bring harmony out of the chaos of individual voices. Playing together means training our ears to listen to each other, respecting each other’s contribution to the whole, and learning the music God gives us as our part.

My Jesus Resolution is to play my note. God gave me my talents, my voice, my gifts, and my passions as notes to be combined with the whole of His orchestra. They are not meant to be played in isolation, where they would fall flat. I am created to live, dream, and work in the context of a larger community designed to play His song for the world.



One response

27 05 2011
Oleta Coleman

Absolutely!! So aptly expressed. Just like the song we used to hear, think it went something like “Poor Johnny One Note”. And yes, the bass of any instrument often feels left out and useless — but in actuality it melds the whole together into beautiful music. I, too will strive to remember to “play my God given note” to the best of my ability and not worry about it not being as glorified of others. Thanks again, Casandra, for all you do!

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