The End of the World

25 05 2011

“But concerning that day or that hour, no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” – Mark 13:32 

May 21st was being advertised as a momentous day. Howard Camping, an eighty-nine year old California preacher, adamantly proclaimed that Jesus was going to return at six p.m. on Saturday, May 21st. He spent millions of dollars advertising his interpretation of end times events, encouraging people to prepare for judgment.

Four days later, most of the world is laughing or shaking their heads. After the missed deadline, Mr. Camping released a press statement adjusting his interpretation to now reveal that the end will come on October 21st. He seems determined to pin God down. The world seems willing to give him his fifteen minutes. How should Christians view these happenings?

Scripture very clearly tells us that no one knows the day or the hour marked in God’s heart as the last day of the earth. That mystery is a source of hope. God alone holds the keys to the future. No man can twist God’s eternal purpose to meet his own needs or desires. God’s timing is perfect. He will move at exactly the right time and in exactly the right way to bring His own home. God can’t be pushed, bullied, manipulated, or coerced to leave even one stone unturned in His great desire to bring all men to Himself.

I think that Mr. Camping missed the point. Our hearts are not to be set on a specific date for Christ’s appearing. We are to search today for His presence. One day, Jesus will come in a magnificent, glorious, awesome way. We will get to see Him face to face, and spend every moment from that day forward living, worshipping, praising, and joyously experiencing all of the wonders He has stored up for those whose names are in the Book of Life.

But we prepare for the last day by looking for Him today. We are to keep our eyes open, our hearts ready, our spirits willing, and our ears attentive for His presence. When He moves, we go. When He calls, we listen. When He gives direction, we obey. When He draws us close to His heart, we rest in the truth that He is here. When we recognize His presence, we bow in surrender.

My Jesus Resolution today is to look for Jesus. I am going to set my heart to searching for His presence, responding to His nearness, and listening to His voice. How I respond to Him today prepares my heart for how I will respond to Him whenever the last day comes. Jesus will appear today. Perhaps in the fullness of His glory. Perhaps in the whisper on the wind. Either way, I want to be ready.



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