Trust the Weatherman

27 12 2010

It was cold in the house. I was bundled up in a sweatshirt and still feeling chilled. As I got ready to leave the house, I checked the weather. Warmer, it said. You won’t need a jacket.

I stood in front of my mirror trying to decide. Bring the jacket or trust the weatherman? I was really cold. It was hard to believe that it would be warm enough outside for me to be comfortable without a coat. I decided the trust the weatherman. I left the jacket behind and headed outdoors.

He was right.

As I walked through the neighborhood, I marveled at how warm it was. The weather report was accurate. The sun warmed the air, sharing its glow with the blue sky. I am glad I listened. That’s when it hit me. How many times am I willing to trust the weatherman, but second guess God?

When God gives an instruction, my first response is often to be skeptical. “Are you sure? But I feel like… That doesn’t seem smart to me. But I can only see…”  Too many times I take my jacket with me because I trust my own point-of-view, rather than surrendering to the wisdom of the One who made all things.

My Jesus Resolution today is to trust more and second guess less. God has more than proven Himself worthy of my trust. He has shown me unwavering faithfulness, indescribable love, and constant mercy. He has never let me down or left my side. When He calls, I will answer. Where He sends, I will go. What He wants me to do, I will do. No arguing, no complaining, and no second guessing. If I can trust the weatherman who I do not know, surely I can trust God who has given me His heart.



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