Little Words

24 12 2010

Little words can make a big difference. They can change the flow of a sentence, redirect ideas, and restructure basic meanings and definitions. Little words like “and” and “or” have tremendous power. My favorite little word in the Bible, however, is “but.”

God uses this little word to redefine us. We once lived in darkness, but in Him we are light. We were once slaves to sin, but now we are servants of righteousness. We were once defined by death, but now we have life and peace through the Spirit. “But” is a flag that God is on the move. It signals a moment when He steps into our lives and changes our reality. On our own, we are stuck, set, and stubborn. Living within this little word opens up possibilities beyond our imagination.

In Romans 8:5-15, this little word is used seven times. It is an amazing passage that describes our new life in Christ. No longer are we yoked to the sinful nature. Our new nature is permeated with holiness while being shaped into the image of Jesus. Fear, hostility, and misdeeds no longer define our hearts. We live under a banner which declares that we belong to God. With that little three-letter word, God transforms everything.

My Jesus Resolution today is celebrate little words. The world can try to convince me that this is all there is, that there is no hope for escape, and that my problems are too big, too strong, and too overwhelming to live any other way. Today I am going to hold God’s hand, trust His heart and celebrate when God steps in and says, “But…”



One response

30 12 2010
Martha Fassino

I love this entry, Casandra. The little word “but” is a word that gives me hope. Have enjoyed reading your entries during the holidays. Reread them yesterday. Thank you.

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