Golden Streets

17 12 2010

It sparkled in the sunlight. I was walking through my neighborhood and the dazzle of gold caught my attention. There, in the middle of the street, was a patch of gold. It turned out to be just a candy wrapper that had been pressed into the pavement by passing cars. But for just a moment, it had captured my imagination. God used it to remind me of heaven.

“The great street of the city was of pure gold, like transparent glass.” – Revelation 21:21

We sing about streets of gold, but have you ever really stopped to imagine what that is going to look like? All of the grays of our streets will give way to pathways on fire with the light of God. It will sparkle and shimmer with the radiance of His glory. Darkness will have no place even in the paving material on the streets. The roadway will be dazzling, serving to draw our eyes and hearts to the throne of our King.

As we search for His fingerprints on our days, He is preparing our eyes for the amazing reality that will one day be ours. We will see His face. The roads in heaven all lead into His presence. A place by His side is at the heart of every promise that He makes. His glory will make gold pale in comparison. The riches of this earth will look like tar and asphalt in the light of His majesty and beauty.

My Jesus Resolution today is dream about heaven. I am going to let pictures of golden streets and pearly gates redefine how I see beauty. Today I will walk on concrete, but remember that my feet are meant to walk on streets of gold. I will let the promise of His presence open my eyes to the light of His glory. When I see something sparkle, I will let it remind me of home.



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