A Clearer Vision of God

15 12 2010

Once Alfred Tennyson, the renowned English poet, was asked, “What is your greatest desire?” He answered, “A clearer vision of God.”

Tennyson’s answer humbles and inspires me. It has stuck with me for weeks now as I have read and prayed about God shaping the desires of my heart. His answer frames my deep need. A clearer vision of God is the greatest gift we could receive.

This is what Moses asked for on Mount Sinai. Standing with God, Moses pleads for a greater understanding of God’s heart and a deeper measure of God’s presence, but He doesn’t stop there. He says, “Now show me your glory.” – Exodus 33:18. The amazing thing is that God says yes.

When I ask for a clearer vision of God, He opens my eyes. As the fog of earthly things begins to lift, I can more clearly see the many ways He touches my days and the vibrant power He pours into my life. His nature takes on deeper hues of beauty as the richness of His character become clearer. His faithfulness is awesome. His love is unfathomable. His grace is deep and rich. His compassion never fails. Seeing Him with clearer vision changes the way I walk through my day. My thoughts take different paths. My mouth talks about different things. My choices are shaped by what I see in Him.

Longing for a clearer vision of God opens my heart. God shows Moses His glory and Moses bows to the ground at once and worships. There is no other response. Worship flows from a heart that catches a clearer vision of God. Adoration overflows, confession drives us to our knees, redemption lifts us up, and wonder pushes back the boundaries of our imagination. Transformation is the inevitable result of a heart bowed in surrender.

My Jesus Resolution today is to ask for a clearer vision of God. I want to see His glory. I want to be changed by His presence and shaped by His power. I want to see Him and let that vision help me see everything else. God always says yes to those who want more of Him. The request will take us places we have never asked to see or imagined were there. Take a deep breath, get ready to be amazed, and ask, “Now show me your glory.”



One response

16 12 2010
Oleta Coleman

Beautiful thoughts and wonderfully expressed. You are an inspiration to me!

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