Calling Home

6 09 2010

I just got off the phone with my daughter. I love talking to her. She is away at school and doing well. She calls every day and we talk. Sometimes it is just for a few minutes. Just a moment to touch base and connect with home. Other days find us on the phone for a long time. There are struggles to talk about, heartache to pray over, encouragement to be given, and laughter to be shared. I look forward to hearing her voice every time.

I am thankful for the way we talk and how it binds our hearts together. Sometimes she calls to say something silly. This last week, there was a call to share deep sorrow. Some days she is down and needs encouragement, a pep talk, or a cheerleader. Other times, she just needs a hug or a laugh or a reminder that home is not as far away as it seems.

Prayer is a lot like calling home. It opens the door and allows us to connect to God. In prayer, we pour out our hearts and allow God to pour Himself into us. We share our thoughts, hurts, desires, and struggles and ask God to shape how we see our days. We can talk to Him about what we find discouraging, disheartening, and dismaying. Prayer can be filled with laughter, thanksgiving, and joy. In prayer, God reminds us that home is not as far away as it sometimes seems.

My Jesus Resolution today is to “call home.” I am going to be intentional about talking to my Father, sharing my heart, and delighting in the connection that prayer provides. It is okay if I want to call about something silly. I can go to Him if I need to share heartbreak and tears. What my daughter has taught me is to see that time on the phone through God’s eyes. I delight in the conversation, whatever it may be. God delights in the time you spend talking together as well. Call home today. Someone is waiting to hear your voice.

Ten Things God is Doing Today

3 09 2010

Sometimes it is hard to see God at work. Circumstances, fear, frustration, or other people can make it difficult to find His fingerprints on our days. Rest assured – He is there. He is moving for your good right this minute. He is at work all around you, drawing your heart to His heart. Here is a list of ten things you can be sure God is doing for you this very day.

  1. Loving you

  2. Washing away your sins

  3. Delighting in calling you His child

  4. Blessing you

  5. Holding you close

  6. Inviting you closer

  7. Igniting beauty just for you

  8. Working out His purpose for you in this world

  9. Protecting you from the evil one

10. Transforming you to look like Jesus

My Jesus Resolution today is open my heart and my eyes to the way God is at work around me. I am going to rejoice in the fact that He loves me, calls me His own, and is working out His good purpose in my life. Today I am going to look for five more things that I can add to my ‘What God is Doing’ list. I am excited to discover how He will touch my day. What is God doing in your day today?

No Complaining Zone

1 09 2010

I am always amazed at the Israelites. After months of watching the Lord overpower the gods of Egypt, the people of God walk on dry ground through a sea parted by His hand. They stand on the other side, watching as their enemy is washed away. They march in freedom, led by the cloud and pillar of His presence, toward the land of promise. They are a free people, a redeemed people, a people with a hope and a future.

Three days later, they start complaining. As their thirst grows, so do their doubts about God’s good intentions toward them. They wonder out loud about God’s wisdom, question His power, and begin to look longingly back at Egypt. They stand in the presence of the One who turned the Nile into blood and parted the waters of the Red Sea, unsure if He can provide water in the desert.

Of course, He does. He brings water from a rock. He sends manna and quail to feed their hunger. He guides them by day, provides light in the darkness, protects them from enemies, and offers them His heart. And over and over again, instead of praise and surrender, their response is arguing and complaining.

How many times do I stand in their shoes? I want to believe that if I experienced what they did, I would be a pillar of faith, resolute in my desire to serve the Lord. In reality, I am too much like them. God works in my life every day. He answers prayers, provides for my needs, guides my feet, creates a path through difficulties, and offers me His heart. Each exercise of His goodness should cement my heart in His faithfulness and secure my soul in His love. Too often, I complain. I argue about timing, demand answers to my questions, am impatient when called to wait, and grumble about not getting what I want.

Philippians 2:14 says, “Do everything without complaining or arguing.” Everything is a big word. God calls me to be content instead of complaining. He offers opportunities for adoration in moments when I tend to argue. He wants me to take His hand, knowing that wherever I walk today, He will be with me, provide for me, and show me the best path to His heart.

My Jesus Resolution today is to go through the whole day without complaining. I am going to watch my tongue and put a guard around my heart. I am going to refocus my eyes and look for the ways God is already at work around me. I am going to wait with joy, pray with persistence, and be thankful in everything. Today I am going to enter the No Complaining Zone. Will you walk with me?