Ten Things God is Doing Today

3 09 2010

Sometimes it is hard to see God at work. Circumstances, fear, frustration, or other people can make it difficult to find His fingerprints on our days. Rest assured – He is there. He is moving for your good right this minute. He is at work all around you, drawing your heart to His heart. Here is a list of ten things you can be sure God is doing for you this very day.

  1. Loving you

  2. Washing away your sins

  3. Delighting in calling you His child

  4. Blessing you

  5. Holding you close

  6. Inviting you closer

  7. Igniting beauty just for you

  8. Working out His purpose for you in this world

  9. Protecting you from the evil one

10. Transforming you to look like Jesus

My Jesus Resolution today is open my heart and my eyes to the way God is at work around me. I am going to rejoice in the fact that He loves me, calls me His own, and is working out His good purpose in my life. Today I am going to look for five more things that I can add to my ‘What God is Doing’ list. I am excited to discover how He will touch my day. What is God doing in your day today?



2 responses

3 09 2010
Tim Archer

Beautiful reminder! As the old song says, “I know that Jesus is alive and well today.”

Grace and peace,
Tim Archer

8 09 2010
Debi Ladd

absolutely loved this…

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