Calling Home

6 09 2010

I just got off the phone with my daughter. I love talking to her. She is away at school and doing well. She calls every day and we talk. Sometimes it is just for a few minutes. Just a moment to touch base and connect with home. Other days find us on the phone for a long time. There are struggles to talk about, heartache to pray over, encouragement to be given, and laughter to be shared. I look forward to hearing her voice every time.

I am thankful for the way we talk and how it binds our hearts together. Sometimes she calls to say something silly. This last week, there was a call to share deep sorrow. Some days she is down and needs encouragement, a pep talk, or a cheerleader. Other times, she just needs a hug or a laugh or a reminder that home is not as far away as it seems.

Prayer is a lot like calling home. It opens the door and allows us to connect to God. In prayer, we pour out our hearts and allow God to pour Himself into us. We share our thoughts, hurts, desires, and struggles and ask God to shape how we see our days. We can talk to Him about what we find discouraging, disheartening, and dismaying. Prayer can be filled with laughter, thanksgiving, and joy. In prayer, God reminds us that home is not as far away as it sometimes seems.

My Jesus Resolution today is to “call home.” I am going to be intentional about talking to my Father, sharing my heart, and delighting in the connection that prayer provides. It is okay if I want to call about something silly. I can go to Him if I need to share heartbreak and tears. What my daughter has taught me is to see that time on the phone through God’s eyes. I delight in the conversation, whatever it may be. God delights in the time you spend talking together as well. Call home today. Someone is waiting to hear your voice.



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6 09 2010

Thank you for reminding us we can be thankful for silly things too!

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