Deeply Loved

22 09 2010

There are foundational truths we want to plant in our kids’ souls. God is amazing. Jesus is always the right answer. The Lord has a purpose and plan for you. Getting my kids out the door for school highlighted the need to ask another question designed to set their hearts on one of those basic truths – you are deeply loved.

After asking them what kind of day they were going to have and if they were ready to learn, I then asked them, “Do you love your momma?” I will be honest. I love to hear them say, “Yes!” My motivation, however, is to touch their hearts. As they head out the door, I want them to walk in the relationship that we share.

My kids are deeply loved. It is one of the core truths that I want to define them. Interestingly enough, not everyone in the world thinks my children are as great as I do. I really don’t understand that – they are the most amazing kids on the planet – but, sadly, there are people who don’t see it. In fact, there is an entire world set on making them feel inadequate, invisible, and unimportant.

As they prepare for their day, I want to remind them that they are loved. No matter what the world throws at you, no matter who makes fun of you or puts pressure on you, no matter what your report card says, or how badly you blow it – you are loved. Home is safe haven. You are cherished, wanted, and treasured.

Walking through our days, God wants us to remember the same thing. The world is going to spend a lot of time telling you that you are unlovable. It will expend a lot of energy and effort trying to convince you that you just aren’t worth it, you don’t measure up, and you don’t have what it takes. God wants you to remember you are deeply loved. He wants us to walk in the relationship that we share with Him. He longs for us to remember that despite what the world might throw at us, His arms are safe haven.

My Jesus Resolution today is to live in the Yes! of God’s love. I love my Father and He loves me. That is the most basic reality of my world. Knowing I am deeply loved changes how I see my hours unfolding, how I interact with the people I meet, and how respond to the challenges of my day. God’s love is going to define me today. Do you love your Father? Let your answer define who you are.



One response

22 09 2010
Stephen Storms

I Love my Father because He loved me first. I love my father because He chose me as His son and I didn’t even have to do anything to earn it. I love my Father because of the lessons He teaches me daily. Some lessons come through blessing, some through discipline or hard times. The best part is that every lesson is meant to “build me up, not tear me down”. I love my Father because He is my Rock and my Safe Place. I love Him for allowing me to understand the things I do and for the Faith He gives me in place of my ignorance. I love my Father for providing the payment for my sins. I love my Father’s Son for loving His Father and obeying His will so I might live. My Father will never expect more of me than He did His own Son. I love Him for that. I love my Father because He loves me and shows that love every day of my life!

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