Ready To Learn

20 09 2010

Getting kids ready for school is a challenge. There are backpacks to stuff, lunches to pack, papers to gather, socks to find, and jackets to zip. In the hurry of school mornings, I began to realize that I was missing an important piece. I needed to give their hearts some direction and their minds a good focus as they set out on their days.

I had already seen the power of setting their eyes on having a happy day. That initial question turned into a series of four questions that I began to ask my kids every morning before school. The second question became “Are you ready to learn?”

That might seem like an odd question. After all, they are heading for school. Learning seems like a given. There are teachers, chalkboards, books, reports, and pencils all set to speed them on their educational way. The reality is that kids go to school with lots of things on their minds besides learning. It was time to set their focus for the day.

“Are you ready to learn?” The answer I was looking for was “Yes, ma’am.” I wanted them to understand that their most important job was learning. I didn’t always get a “yes, ma’am.” On those days, I would tell them to go find their thinking caps and come back. Learning was their task for the day. Not lunch, not recess, not playing with their friends. Go and learn something today.

God works through our children. He used the question I was asking them to help me see the need to prepare my own heart for the day. Am I ready to learn? God has lessons for me to learn today. He has things He wants to teach me about Jesus, about walking in His will, and seeing His glory. He wants to draw me into the classroom of His love and encourages me to do the homework that will imprint grace deeply into my life. The question is “Am I ready to learn?”

My Jesus Resolution today is to be ready to learn. Hearts that are ready to learn are humble and willing to listen. If I am going to be a learner today, I am going to have eyes that seek His lessons and a spirit that is open to being stretched. Too often, my mind is set on a million other things rather than the focus God wants me to take on today. He wants me to learn to be like Jesus. I am going to set my heart on being teachable today. Are you ready to learn?



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20 09 2010

Thank you for questions number one & two…am looking forward to number three : )

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