Ten Promises For You

19 04 2010

Always and never are big words. We temper the promises we make to others, knowing that always and never are out of our reach. They are, however, not too big for our God. He makes us some very big promises, extending His faithfulness into always and never. Here are ten promises God has made to you. Hold on tight. He will always keep His word and will never let you go.

     1. I will always love you.

     2. I will never leave you or give up on you.

     3. I will always work in your life to help you look more like Jesus.

     4. I will always provide a way back into My arms.

     5. I will always give you what is absolutely best for you.

     6. I will never lie to you.

     7. I will always want you to be Mine.

     8. I will always pour out grace sufficient to meet every need.

     9. I will always do more for you than you can ask or imagine.

   10. I will never break My promises to you.

My Jesus Resolution today is to dive deeply into the promises God has made me. They aren’t empty words. Every promise is filled with power and provides hope for my journey. God’s promises point to God’s heart. Each one helps me remember just how much He longs to fill me full of Himself. Today, I am going to believe Him and rejoice in the way His promises make a difference in how I walk, talk, think, and interact with the world.



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