This is the Day

16 04 2010

I love Psalm 118:24. The psalmist writes, “This is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”

This is the day – Today is the day to keep your eyes open and your heart attentive. So often our focus is on the future or the past. Live fully in this moment. Let today’s beauty wash over you. Enjoy the simple gifts strewn along your path. Count every single blessing. Don’t let the unique blessings of today get lost in the quest to get to tomorrow.

The Lord has made – Today has God’s fingerprints all over it. He has filled each moment with Himself. He crafted today so that you could be with Him. There is nothing that is going to happen today that God has not seen or for which He has not prepared.

Let us rejoice – Make a commitment today to be filled with joy. Joy is a decision, not an afterthought. It is the deliberate determination to live fully within the presence of God. Choose joy today – no matter how much traffic there is, no matter how many mountains of laundry you have to climb, no matter how long your to-do lists gets. God is present, and it just doesn’t get better than that.

And be glad in it – We can walk differently through our day because we walk with God. God doesn’t promise us that everything in every day will be good. He does promise that every day He is good, and everything He does for us flows out of His love.

My Jesus Resolution today is to let Psalm 118:24 frame my day. Whatever is painted, written, drawn, or splashed on the canvas of my heart will be surrounded and defined by the truth that God is shaping this day just so I can see Him. I am going to look at the colors of this day and notice His glory. I want to examine the texture of my hours and minutes and discover the rhythm of His grace. I am going to be deliberate about tracing the pattern woven into my day, knowing that it is His fingerprints that give each moment depth and purpose. I am going to move through my day with determination, confidence, and joy because God made this day, designing this moment just so I can move closer to His heart.



One response

16 04 2010
Paula Pancoast


Thank you for reaching into my heart & encouraging me with your fabulous daily blogs that are poignantly composed & so true to God’s word. I usually read them before heading off to work & what a blessing they have been to me! We are SO excited that you are speaking May 1st at our Ladies Retreat in Manchester, CT. You are in our prayers for a safe trip to Connecticut and we can’t wait to meet you!!

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