The Right Answer

24 03 2010

We all want to know the right answer. In school, it was multiplication tables, geography projects, and how long we could put off studying before a test and still pass. The working world, marriage, and being a parent each bring their own unique set of questions to the table. We struggle with finding the right answers. Sometimes we wrestle with knowing the right question.

In the age of information overload, global saturation, and technology enhancement, God’s wisdom clarifies our vision. His love provides the solution. His power opens the door for our understanding. The right answer is always Jesus.

Jesus is the answer to whatever we are facing in life. Questions about school, friendships, new romances, and making choices about the future are best answered in Jesus. Problems in the workplace, questions about integrity, how to treat your boss, and balancing career and family find their most complete answer in Jesus. Bringing our best to our marriages, our children, and the relationships we share with others is discovered in Jesus.

Jesus is always the right answer. Walking in His footsteps, imitating His conversation, following His lead, and reflecting His heart will always bring us to the answer we most need for our lives. It may not be the easy answer, or the popular choice, but finding our answer in Jesus will always bring us to God’s best desire for us.

My Jesus Resolution today is to remember that I already know the right answer. Whatever question comes up today – how to treat someone when I have been hurt, what choice to make with the change in my hand, whether or not to go the extra mile for a friend – the right answer is Jesus. Instead of turning to the internet, my friends, a television personality, the mall, the refrigerator, or any of the other ‘answers’ the world offers up, I am going to take my questions to God. Every time, He will point me to Jesus.



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