God’s Timing

22 03 2010

It was a three-state weekend. I still marvel that I can get on an airplane, and be in an entirely different part of the country in only a few hours. This weekend was full of blessings, but the weather stood out as one of the big signposts that pointed me to the heart of God.

In south Texas, where I live, spring is in full bloom. Grass is growing, trees are budding out, flowers are beginning to show their beauty, temperatures have warmed up, and yellow pine pollen blankets everything.

I flew to eastern Tennessee where spring is just beginning to show its promise. The ground was not yet green, but yellow daffodils poked their heads out of the earth. The sky was a freshly washed blue, bringing with it the hint that spring was on its way. The trees had no leaves, but the warming temperatures offered an incentive for them to pop out of their winter rest.

From Tennessee, I made a stop in Chicago. This weekend, Chicago was blanketed in a sparkling garment of snow. The freezing temperatures ensured that the newly fallen snow would stick around for a while. Coats are still the order of the day.

In the midst of these different scenes, I see a lesson about God’s timing. He works in each of us within the timing that is best for where we are in life. God doesn’t bring spring to the entire country all in one day. It blossoms in our land, just like it moves in our lives. We may look at the way God is moving in someone else, wishing that His timing worked the same way in our lives. But His timing is just like the coming of spring – perfect for where we are, and what He wants to bring to life in our hearts.

My Jesus Resolution today is to be satisfied in God’s timing. I am going to trust that He is going to move in me at just the right moment. I am going to look for the signs of His coming. I am going to rejoice in the evidence of His movement. I am going to find peace in the fact that God is never too slow or too fast – He is perfect in everything He does.  I am going to let His springtime bloom inside of me, and pray that it is a signpost that points others to Him.



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