Paper Hearts

19 02 2010

They are all over the floor. I have been picking up little slips of paper for a week now. Every time I turn around, I see another one floating to the ground. They are folded up in my socks, falling out of my books, and hiding in my shoes. I even found one attached to my computer mouse! Even though I have been picking them up for days, each one still surprises me. Little notes tucked in my world, each one written to remind me that I am loved.

My husband, Ken, is the mastermind behind the avalanche of paper hearts. They aren’t really heart-shaped, but that is what I see. His heart on little slips of paper. He learned to do that by watching God.

God sends me paper hearts every day. Sometimes they come wrapped in the hug of a friend, or on the melody of a song. One day it is a flower in full bloom. Another in the answer to a prayer. Little reminders of His love are tucked in the folds of my day. Each one provides a word of encouragement, a reminder of whose I am, a special moment of joy, or a call to be still and seek His face. Even though I have been picking them up for a long time, they still surprise me. I never know when I am going to find a reminder that He is thinking about me.

My Jesus Resolution today is to tell someone about my paper hearts. Show them the way God reveals His love for me. Talk about how each one helps me anticipate seeing His face. Maybe point out the paper hearts scattered around their floor. Look for a paper heart today. Let me know what you find.



2 responses

19 02 2010
Krista Cook

Hi casandra – Just wanted to tell you how thankful I am for you and your writing. It is my spiritual uplift each day (any new books in the writing!?! – I’m on my last one!!).
I would have to say that my “paper hearts” are my kids and their stuff scattered everywhere! My daily reminder that God has blessed me so richly and entrusted these children in my care and teaching. Thanks for always keeping our focus on Him!!

19 02 2010
Martha Clark

This morning, I found a paper heart, would you believe it, right in the middle of the screen of my computer. It came from you. You continue to fiil my life with paper hearts everywhere, and my heart rejoices in each one. Each one tells me over and over just how much God loves me, and how blessed I am to know someone as special as you. God’s richest blessings I pray for you, my special sister and friend. Have a wonderful day!

My love,

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