I’m Opening Mine

17 02 2010

“He has made everything beautiful in its time.” – Ecclesiastes 3:11a

This is a day made especially for soaking in the beauty of God! Take a look around and notice all the ways that His splendor fills the earth. Each one is a chance to stop and notice the presence of God. Pause in praise today. Sit still in silence. Walk in wonder. Kneel knowing that God wants to pass by you today.

Use today to reflect on the extraordinary gifts that He gives each one of us. With each blessing and opportunity that God places in our lives, we are also given a choice. Will we open the gift and take a step of faith, or keep it safe in the box and never experience the power of God at work in our lives? It always seems so much more logical, reasonable, and realistic to stay in our comfort zones. Faith, by its very definition, trusts God to do things in us and through us that we could never even imagine. Where in your life is He calling you to trust Him? What step of faith will bring you closer to His side?

My Jesus Resolution today challenges me to open all the gifts God sends my way today. I am going to pay attention, noticing how each one calls me to move deeper into His heart. I want to step out on faith – trusting, depending, and relying on His great love for me. Faith is an adventure. His presence is a gift. I’m opening mine. How about you?



One response

24 02 2010
Nommy & Grammy

I opened my gift from the Lord today and discovered that our son-in-law has started on an adventure by blogging: The Preaching Project by Stephen Suffron – Hope in the Creator. He is a high school teacher so that our daughter can stay home and take care of our grandson. But he loves the Lord and is also a preacher. He has decided to continue preaching via the internet. He is taking people on a walk through the Bible. I prayed for years that the Lord would heal our daughter’s broken heart and bring a Christian man into her life. Stephen is that Godly man who is challenging himself to stay in God’s Word daily and to share it with others. Thank you Lord for people like Stephen and Casandra.

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