Love Notes

3 02 2010

It is just a little thing, really. A post-it note stuck to the mirror. I left the note as a reminder for my husband of a chore that needed to be handled. When I came back through, it had been moved to my side of the mirror. Drawn on top of the words was a small heart. Just a note back telling me that it was taken care of. But it was more. It told me that I was taken care of. That I was loved. That I was important and special. He could have left a check mark or just completed the task and moved on. I would have been fine. Instead, he filled the moment with more.

God is like that. How many times a day does God not only answer our prayers, but infuse the moment with His love? How often does He leave little reminders that He cares around for us to find? He doesn’t have to. We would be fine. But He wants us to know the depth of His love, to be enfolded in the breadth of His passion, to experience the intensity of His notice. We have to learn to see the notes. We often pass by and fail to see His fingerprints on our day. Love notes go unread. Reminders that we are cherished go unnoticed.

My Jesus Resolution today is to look around for my love letter. It is there. God always leaves His heart for us to find. It may be in an unusual place. It might be attached to something so ordinary that we have to really look to see it. Keep your eyes and your heart open today. And don’t be surprised if you find little reminders of God’s love stamped everywhere you look.



2 responses

3 02 2010
Sandra Doss

Thanks I needed your comments, many times I forget to look in the obivious places. God Bless!

4 02 2010
Cindi Burleson

What a wonderful reminder to start the day with. Your words, written from a heart for God, is a reminder of the way He loves us. Thank you.

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