Living Loved

1 02 2010

I love you. Three simple words. Three profound words. Three misunderstood words. Three amazing words. These three words define the heart of God. I love you is His most constant message. It is the theme of the Bible, the foundation of His covenant, and the proclamation of the cross.

We sometimes don’t know what to make of God’s love. It is an illogical, radical, eyebrow-raising, jaw-dropping, stand-back-and-shake-your-head kind of love. He doesn’t love us because we are pretty enough, smart enough, rich enough, or good enough to impress Him. He loves us because He is Love.

Understanding that His presence is everywhere helps us glimpse the truth that His love constantly surrounds us. It permeates the air we breathe. It shows up in the colors of the dawn, the sparkle of the raindrops, and the twinkle of the stars. It is more of a constant in our universe than gravity or the tides. Those things will cease someday. But not God’s love for us. From eternity to eternity, He loves you.

My Jesus Resolution today is simple. I will live loved. Today I will soak in the love God has for me. I will notice it. Pay attention to the details of it. Respond to it. Proclaim it. Celebrate it.

Will you dare to live loved today?



One response

1 02 2010

Such an encouraging reminder on a cold, gray Monday morning. God is love! Today I am wrapped securely, warmly in His great love!

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